Toenail Fungus Treatment Los Angeles

Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus typically caused by the Trichophyton group of fungi or Candida/yeast infections. Toenail fungus causes:
• Thickening of the nail
• Discoloration
• Loss of nail growth

Traditional toenail fungus treatment in Los Angeles includes:
• Topical medications: demonstrate a low success rate
• Oral medications: moderately successful, but have many potential side effects including liver function abnormalities
• Surgical removal of the nail: permanently destroys the nail and nail bed

Is There an Alternative Treatment for Toenail Fungus?
Yes. If you are looking for an effective toenail fungus treatment, Los Angeles’ Laser Nail Centers have the answer. PinPointe Laser treatment is the industry’s only surgery-free, drug-free treatment that leaves your nail bed and healthy tissue in tact while still providing you with a potential cure.

How Does PinPointe Laser Treatment Work?
PinPointe Laser is an extremely effective toenail fungus treatment. Los Angeles-area residents who take advantage of PinPointe Laser treatment at the Laser Nail Centers typically need only one treatment to obtain a potential cure. The laser kills the fungus without affecting normal skin or soft tissue, so no anesthetic is required.

Where Can I Get Treated?
The Laser Nail Centers provide toenail fungus treatment. Los Angeles is host to several doctor’s offices, and our doctors are board certified. Contact the office nearest you for a consultation today.