Toenail Fungus Cure Los Angeles

Quickly eliminate the pathogens that cause toenail fungus without pain at our office in Los Angeles, California.

Since a fungus infection of the toenails is very common, a majority of people with a fungus infection doesn’t seek treatment, and many don’t even recognize they have a problem.  It usually begins underneath the surface of the nail, and first appears as a white or yellow dot, but can also penetrate the nail and lead to a full infection.  This type of infection can be present for years without ever causing pain.  However, the crooked, yellow, and disfigured nails that result from the infection are enough for patients to want to seek a cure.

Toenail fungus can infect the nail through small cuts or separations in the nail bed.  The infection can continue to affect the nail indefinitely, unless it is given the proper medical attention.  It can also become very painful.  Up until 2008, the only options for curing fingernail fungus were orally or topically applied medications.  These medications don’t always work, and can also cause long term health problems.

Using a revolutionary new laser treatment, in less than an hour, the Laser Nail Centers can treat the pathogens (Onychomycosis) that cause toenail fungus. The laser treatment is safe and painless. Studies have shown that the laser nail treatment has an 85% effective rate. Usually, after one treatment, patients start to see a significant improvement in the appearance and health of their fingernails.

The Laser Nail Centers toenail fungus cure is drug-free. There are no potential life threatening risks associated with some prescription fungus treatment that require constant physician monitoring and with no guarantee of success.

Once the laser treatment has been implemented, there is no further action that needs to be taken.  The patient is able to see results as the new nail grows back.  If you are a Los Angeles resident who is looking for a toenail fungus cure, then look no further.

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