Nail Fungus Treatment Los Angeles

What Is the Cause of Nail Fungus?

Typically, the Trichophyton group of fungi causes nail fungus infections. But, Candida or yeast infections are also associated with this problem. Once the fungus migrates under the nail plate, it spreads, causing changes in the nail such as thickening and discoloration.

What Are My Options for a Nail Fungus Treatment in Los Angeles?

Cures were limited prior to the availability of PinPointe Laser. They included:
• Topical medications – these treatments demonstrate a very low success rate
• Oral medications – while moderately successful, this treatment may have potential significant side effects that include liver function abnormalities
PinPointe Laser is a cutting-edge alternative available for people seeking a nail fungus treatment; Los Angeles-area residents now have this option available to them.

Where Can I Receive PinPointe Laser Treatment?

Laser Nail Centers are providers of this highly effective nail fungus treatment. The greater Los Angeles area is host to several Laser Nail Centers. Doctors who are board-certified in their specialty perform treatment at each office. No anesthesia is required, as the laser eliminates the fungus with no effect on normal skin or soft tissue. Contact the office nearest you for a consultation today.