Nail Fungus Cure Los Angeles

Nail Fungus: What Causes It?

Typically, nail fungus infections are cause by the Trichophyton group of fungi; Candida (yeast infections) can also be involved. Are you looking for a nail fungus cure? Los Angeles is host to the Laser Nail Centers, offering a revolutionary treatment that can leave your nails healthy and fungus-free.

What Are the Effects of Nail Fungus?

When the fungus migrates under the nail, the result is unsightly and unhealthy nails. Nail fungus can cause:
• Thickening of the nail
• Discoloration
• Separation of nail from nail bed
• Potential systemic infection for patients with suppressed immune systems

Treatments for nail Fungus

Before PinPointe Laser was available as a potential nail fungus cure, Los Angeles-area residents were limited to:

• Topical agents, which have a very poor success rate
• Oral medications, which demonstrate many potential side effects, including alteration of normal liver function

Now that PinPointe Laser is available as a potential nail fungus cure, Los Angeles-area residents can have their nail fungus treated in one short session with our board-certified doctors, without any dangerous prescriptions or months of fruitlessly applying topical agents. No anesthetic is required; the laser destroys only the fungus, leaving normal skin and soft tissue unaffected.

Where is Treatment Provided?

There are several locations where you can be treated and achieve a potential nail fungus cure! Los Angeles-area residents should contact the office nearest you for a consultation.