Los Angeles Toenail Fungus Treatment

The PinPointe Footlaser: A Safer Toenail Fungus Treatment

Toenail fungus is much more prevalent than fingernail fungus, due to the fact that fungi cultivates in warm, dark, moist environments.  Shoes that do not absorb moisture and perspiration are perfect dwelling places for toenail fungus to occur.  It is also more likely for someone with health problems to get toe fungus as well.  These health problems include, but are not limited to: diabetes, athlete’s foot, or a low immune system.

It is best to try to avoid getting nail fungus by taking preventative measures, such as: using anti-fungus powders in your shoes and wearing flip-flops at public pools and showers.  However, not everyone can escape the plague of toenail fungus.  For those who are unable to avoid it, there are options for treatment.  Not all of which, however, are viable solutions.

Los Angeles doctors are increasingly cautioning patients looking for a nail fungal treatment away from traditional treatments, such as oral medication and topical ointments. Sometimes erroneously touted as nail fungus cures, oral and topical toenail fungus treatments, such as Lamisil, carry a number of side effects and risks that make them unsuitable for treating mere aesthetic issues.

Terbinafine (the generic name for Lamisil) has the highest success rate when taken orally, but it carries a number of toxicity issues, as terbinafine can affect your liver, senses of taste, gastrointestinal system and central nervous system. Most doctors prescribing oral nail fungus treatments ask patients to come in for regular blood tests, to ensure that the medication isn’t affecting vital body functions. Because of these issues, Lamisil is more often prescribed as a topical cream or ointment. This is much safer, but has limited effectiveness, since it cannot penetrate beneath the nail or into the root of the nail.

Because of the inherent limitations of medicinal treatments, toenail fungus treatment doctors are now offering the PinPointe Footlaser as a safer, more effective solution. Laser toenail fungus removal works by selectively targeting the fungus cells beneath the nail without affecting the surrounding tissue or introducing bio distribution issues. This highly targeted treatment breaks down fungal cells at their source and is administered in a single treatment.  There’s no surgery, no anesthesia and no medication required—the procedure is painless and non-intrusive. Once the toenail fungus is killed, a healthy nail will grow back naturally in its place.

If you’re looking for a convenient, effective and non-toxic way to treat toenail fungus, contact one of our centers and ask about laser nail fungus treatment.

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