Fingernail Fungus Treatment Santa Monica

Laser Fingernail Fungus Treatment

Santa Monica laser nail centers offer four distinct benefits for patients looking to eliminate fingernail fungus. The PinPointe Finger laser offers highly effective fingernail fungus treatment with no recovery time, no side effects, no pills or creams and a higher success rate than topical ointments. Benefits include:

No recovery time. Laser fingernail fungus treatment is non-surgical, requiring no anesthesia and no medication. Patients can walk away from their appointment immediately after the procedure.

No side effects. Oral nail fungus treatments may have adverse effects on your liver, stomach, central nervous system and your sense of taste. Periodic blood tests and other careful monitoring is required to ensure that your body isn’t permanently damaged by the medicine. Laser nail treatment, on the other hand, targets only the fungus cells, leaving the surrounding tissue and your internal functions untouched.

Higher success rate. Laser fingernail fungus treatments reach deep into the root of the nail where topical creams can’t reach, making it nearly 10 times as effective at eliminating toenail fungus.

No pills or creams. Lamisil and other fungus medicines must be applied or taken orally daily for months. Laser nail treatment can be done in a single 30 to 60 minute session.

Although fingernail fungus can be embarrassing and persistent, most doctors caution against undergoing treatment with numerous reported adverse side effects simply to rectify an aesthetic malady. As such, laser nail fungus treatment is one of the most popular alternatives to oral and topical medications. Because laser fungus removal carries virtually no risk of adverse side effects or injuries, more patients are choosing laser fingernail fungus treatment.

Santa Monica area residents can contact a local laser nail center for more information. We have offices in Santa Monica and West Los Angeles.